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Scratch is one of the languages I learnt a long time ago.
As a member of start hub women, when I heard that we teach some nursery schools how to write code using Scratch, I voluntarily agreed to teach Eden Hills Academy.

When I reached there I taught that the class will be boring since it involves codes, but to my greatest surprise, they were able to tell me what they learnt in the previous Scratch class And even smarter than they were I taught.

In today’s class, I taught them how a sprite/group sprites can dance, move and rotate. It was fun to the point the children told me not to go.

I want to use this privilege to say Thank you to starthub women president for giving us the opportunity to teach the children how to make animations by writing codes using Scratch (programming language).

The children understood the course and must especially the topic I introduced to them which was a dancing sprite, we started with one sprite later they came up with the idea of adding two to three and it works perfectly.

But the children are lacking computer system/ laptops and sometimes the light goes off from the system well they are still using the system.


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